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couple problems......


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Feb 2, 2013
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south aussie
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vs calais supercharged
hey there :)

i've been having problems with my 96 vs commy, first thing is that its missing when stopped and idling, i've changed leads and plugs, and also coil pack but seems to still be doing it.. when it does, it seems like it has a cam haha so im stumped on what to do next, tomorrow i should be chucking it on a computer to see if that helps or not..

and the other problem, my car is on gas, has been ever since factory, but it seems like my car goes better/harder on gas than does petrol, someone said it might be a fuel pump so ill have to look into that...

and last thing, would anyone know the cost roughly of fixing up the back right quarter panel? we think the chassis is also bent like its been hit from the corner and pushed down, its not to bad of a problem, just annoying the hell out of me when one sides fine and people are like "that looks neat" than they go to the other side and its just f*cked haha