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Drivers seat adjustment


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Mar 30, 2009
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VZ ute
Just enquiring about fixing the drivers seat, how it slides just a few millimeters in the track, when you come to a complete stop. Its annoying and I guess there is a plastic type stop in the rail and this must be the most used adjusted position, and wears the most. I havent pulled the seat out yet, but I was just checkin if others had this problem first.
I tried selecting a different position, but you can only have it for your driving style, and I dont want to drive with the steering wheel up on my chest like miss Daisy.
Probably a fat bastard had the car before me and stretched the locking pins? for the seat adjuster, anyway thanks


Nil Bastardo Carborundum
Nov 29, 2007
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Lower Hunter Region NSW
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CG Captiva 5 Series 2
Hi Pewee

The travel adjustment on the seat is regulated by a series of notches on the sides of the tracks on each seat mounting. When you lift the adjusting lever, a ratchet tooth is lifted out of the notches on each seat mounting and the seat is then able to move fore and aft. When you release the handle, the teeth slip back into a different notch on either side, and lock the seat into your chosen position.

If your seat moves slightly when you come to a stop, it could mean that the teetch are not fully engaging the notch in the track because the mechanism is dry or the teeth are worn. Worn teeth are not very likely, so its more probable that the adjusting mechanism needs a bit of grease on the track and teeth.

Raise the seat to its fullest height, then get a small amount of non-staining grease and smear it on the tracks on both sides of the seat and place a small amount on each of the side ratchet teeth. See that the seat slides fully back and forth to ensure the mechanism is working smoothly.

Good luck.