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F.s Navigation System $800


your local "Hoon"
Mar 7, 2005
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melb, sth east
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hey fellas
got this navigation system that i am not using!

The Uniden GNS 8600 combines the latest in GPS technology with sophisticated Intuitive Technology. It provides one of the largest High Definition LCD Display screens on the market.

The GNS 8600 is stylish and powerful. It even has an in-built Early Warning Safety System to alert you of fixed speed cameras, red light cameras and black spots therefore providing a high level of nationwide protection for loved ones and your license. The GNS 8600 is so powerful yet so simple to use. Whether you are travelling for work or enjoying a short or long drive to a new destination, the GNS 8600 will guide you there using the quickest route available with its Dynamic Voice and Visual Guidance System. Its Intuitive Technology makes it so simple to use, allowing you to plug it in, enter your destination and just drive... letting the GNS 8600 do the rest.

With superior Mapping Data it provides nationwide coverage using Sensis Whereis Map Data. When it comes to portable GPS Car Navigation Systems the Uniden GNS 8600 is in a class of its own. It makes your trips safer and faster while giving you peace of mind that you will reach your destination on time, every time.

Suggested Retail: $1599.00
12 Months of Free Software and Camera Updates.
Click here for:
- Latest Firmware Update
- Update Instructions

Key Features Intuitive Technology
- Exceptionally User Friendly – Simple and easy to use, with fast programming and a touch control screen.
- Dynamic Voice and Visual Guidance – Constant route verification and re-calculation with turn-by-turn instructions.
- Speed and Safety Warning System – Receive audible and visual warnings as you approach fixed speed cameras, red light cameras and black spots.
- Customise your GPS – Choose from a myriad of personal preferences, including alternative screen options, personalised Points of Interest and favourites of recent locations.High Definition 5.6” Non-Reflective LCD Display for Crystal Clear ViewingDifferent Visual Guidance Views including –
- Text View
- Split View
- Audio Split ZoomUnique Predictive Keyboard for fast and simple input of your destinationEarly Warning Safety System – Nationwide Coverage
- Fixed Speed Camera Warning
- Red-Light Camera Warning
- Black Spot WarningEasy to Navigate Maps
- Dynamic Voice and Visual Guidance
- Auto Route Recalculation
- Turn by Turn InstructionsHalf a Million Points of Interest including –
- Restaurants
- Shopping Centres
- Banks
- Post Office
- Buildings and Monuments
- And Much More!Unique Night Mode for Easy Glare Free View as well as 8 other viewing optionsStay Continually Up To Date By Downloading the latest Mapping Data off the Uniden Website onto the GNS 8600 via the USB cable suppliedAdditional Features:GNS 8600 Contents:
- 1 X GNS 8600
- 1 X Glass Mount Bracket
- 1 X Fixed Mount Bracket
- 1 X Mount Cover
- 1 X GNS 8600 Case
- 1 X Software CD
- 1 X Hardwire Lead
- 1 X Alcohol Wipe
- 1 X LCD Cloth
- 1 X USB Cable
- 1 X Screen Pointer
- 1 X AC Adaptor
- 1 X Cigarette Lead Power CordMemory: 256MBIntel X-Scale CPUWeight: 452gDimensions: 128mm (H) x 150mm (W) x 30mm (D)

ASKING PRICE $800 retail price $1599