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FS. ls1 vortec blower/built engine/fuel system the lot.


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Jun 30, 2005
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VE R8 LS3, VYSS Ute [email protected] & VYSSTT 525rwkw
ok guys all these parts for sale, all parts have to go, putting car back to stocky with cam for the mrs to drive. And new project starting.

would prefer to sell as full package deal. Blower kit has to be sold first, otherwise will put combo in Torana for drag use only.

Vortec T-Trim, Large Intercooler kit (intercooler size 880x280x80), 3" inlet and outlets, kit comes with Gilmer Crank Drive, also Gilmer Power Steer Drive, blower pulleys 32/30/28 tooth pulleys eg 8/12/16 psi. Blower comes with Air assist, SFS silicoin hoses, Hybrid intercooler clamps, BOV's, engine oil cooler kit, Oil lines, Spare belts(new), heavy duty idler pulley bracket for blower as well.

$7000.00 ONO.

Built LS1 Engine

Alloy LS1 engine, Lunati Rods + Forged Pistons 8.6:1 comp suit forced induction, ARP Bolts through out engine, Custom grind cam to suit forced induction, head work, stainless valves (Ferra), crane valve springs, titanium retainers, roller rockers, balanced.

Engine built for strength, and pure performance. Great Turbo Motor.

$9000 ONO

Built Transmission 4L60E

Pro carbons bands, raybestos clutches, modified valve body, custom input and output shaft, mod drum, billet servo, balanced etc......
Also comes with 2200 lock up convertor.

$2700 ONO ($4500 to buy)

Fuel System (Pro)

Custom fuel rails, alloy surge tank, 2x 044 pumps, adjustable fuel pressure regulator (aeromotive) dual supply lines to engine, and all speedflow fittings, and 8x60lb injectors.

$2500 ONO ($3800 to buy)

Exhaust System

Pacemaker 1 7/8 HPC coated 4-1's, and twin 3" stainless steel exhaust system, magnaflow mufflers, 4 spiral mufflers, and balance pipe.

$1500 ONO ($1000 for extractors alone to buy)

Will make good deal for package.

U can reply, pm or phone

Cheers Brad
0422 276 940