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Funny Joke!!

5.7 Berlina

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Apr 23, 2009
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'00' 5.7L Berlina
Duck walks into bar says to the barman 'gimme a scotch i've had a rough day'.. barman says ' [email protected]#k me a talking duck! i've never met a duck that can talk before, what do u do for a living?' duck replies 'im a plasterer'.. Barman thinks nothing more of it and gives the duck his drink.. next day a big guy walks in the bar with a monkey.. barman says u cant bring that monkey in here mate.. man replies 'well im with the circus thats in town at the moment he's a pet so he goes wherever i go'.. barman says '**** i know someone youd like to meet- its a talking duck!!' 'my god i would like to meet him can u arrange something?' barman says no worries.. next day the duck walks in and the barman races over and says, ' mate i know someone who would really like to talk with u'.. the duck says 'yeah who is it?'.. 'the ringmaster from the circus!'.... 'circus??' says the duck- 'wat would he need a plasterer for??'......