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voodoo VT

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May 4, 2009
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Gold Coast
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VT Executive
I have just got an L67 into my VT, and finally running well. stock engine at this stage, from a wreck VT and put the L67 box in to start with had trouble with the box. Clucking, vibration in bell housing when in gear.. Swapped it for my old box witch was running fine, till this arvo. It decided to be stuck in 3rd, very sluggish off the line, like converter is slipping but will shift into 1st, 2nd, 3rd with selector. no 4th! Very clunky selection !!

Talked to an auto guy this arvo reckons it would be gearbox solenoid. Witch tends to **** them selves and lock the box in 3rd gear.

Any thoughts on this?

Also I’m lost as to witch box I should have work done on and install, I don’t no either boxes back-ground but the L67 box felt to shirt better then mine when it was first fitted in the car. But I’m guessing something is broken with the cluck and vibration it had. Changed converters before I did the box swap and that didn’t work so I’m putting the clunk down to the gearbox.

The auto bloke reckon can do a baby shift kit and solenoid for under $300. reckons will snap 1st-2nd. 3rd 4th nothing to wright home about. Is it worth the time or am i better off waiting till need a rebuild. Stock engine (more boost coming ASAP tho) I wouldn’t expect to be flogging boxes out too quick. But the more I look on here the more it seems pretty likely.