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Installing Deck in VY



Hey guys,

I've just installed my Pioneer deh-8650 deck into my VY Commodore and have run into a few problems.

1. After buying a wiring harness and matching up the colours i could not find where to connect the electric antenna. On the wiring harness it is yellow with a white stripe. On my Pioneer loom i have 2 wires left, a yellow/black wire for mute, which i wont be using because i dont have car phone kit and an orange/white one that is labeled in the installation guide as "To lighting switch terminal." Any ideas on how i can get the antenna working?

2. How do i connect the arial from my deck to the car arial? My deck has the standard antenna jack, but the VY's antenna plug is different.

3. When i turn my car off, and then back on again, my deck gets reset. Ie, there is no constant power to it and the clock and all my settings a reset. Why the hell does it do this?




Well i would assume i have the right harness because thats the one the bloke at my local car audio place gave me and it works fine apart from the antenna not working and the deck resetting every time.
My car came with the single disc.

edit: All fixed, it was a European wiring harness and i just had to swap 2 wires around to fix the constant power, and I bought an adapter to plug the arial in. I also found the wire i was meant to connect for the electric antenna.

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