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Leo's 02 VU Series II


Jul 28, 2005
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VT Series II SS Sedan
Picked this up a few weeks ago,
2002 VU Ute Series 2
Just a V6 not an S or SS
I was a bit unhappy there's no ABS or Cruise Control or Traction Control but overall this Ute is a great little car.

It has a service history all documented and wow I would have done most of it myself but happy the previous owner put it in the shop whenever anything needed attention. The previous owner spent thousands of dollars keeping it maintained. Props to him for doing it he has kept it running awesome. It starts better than my TV turns on, turn the key and it's running no delay winding over. Instant on :)

The Interior in this is like showroom NEW it's not fancy but wow it is clean you could lick the dash and you would be so satisfied haha

It has some mods, it's got a cold air intake addition, he gave me the old standard one it's in a bag and like new too. A bigger exhaust and sounds ok.

It's got a Sony 1 DIN sound system in it with an amp and a subwoofer it gives good back massage the thing kicks right into the driver seat, thump, thump, thump, doof, doof, doof, haha and the receipt for installation, he gave me the original Holden Radio it's in a box and same as the rest like new.

It's got a GMH tub liner in it and the soft vinyl cover too.

Pop the hood, under there wow again I was so impressed with this Ute. I will get some more interior pics and some engine bay pics soon. Under the seat covers.. seats like new :)

It's had new radiator and heaps of other new bits put on it over the years. I have all the receipts and will do a summary of them and how much he spent as I am interested in adding it all up. He spent heaps on it.

It needs a centre bearing for the tail shaft.

it did have some crap all over it from him parking it under a tree. I cut and buffed it and it looks great.

I went to get a blue slip and this is all that got knocked back, oh and one brake light globe which I will replace soon enough.

I haven't pulled the tail shaft out yet or even double checked it to see if it's bad. My thought was mechanic wanted to quote me about $800 to do it so I smelled the cheese and said yeah nah it's ok I will sort it out later. The mechanic said I had 14 days to do it if I wanted to take it back for re-inspection... bugger that I don't plan on registering it right now well I missed the 14 days so in no rush.

Pictures.. yes check it out. I will update this thread over the years I think I will have this for 10 years like I have already had my 99 SS this thing is a pleasure to own has low kms and mechanically A1.

Road tested it and bloody utes back wheel spin haha I don't think I will be letting it play in the rain any time soon :)

I have a spare Limited Slip Diff might have to chuck one in it.

I don't like the wheels on it, wouldn't mind some white Simmons wheels not sure yet but these ones won't be on there for long.

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