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[Other] Looking for Aftermarket Manufacturer of Replacement Seat Skins

Discussion in 'Swap / Wanted to Buy / Trade' started by 2014ltdltz, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. 2014ltdltz

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    Nov 13, 2017
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    2017 VF Commodore
    ITEM: WTB MY2014-2017 WN Replacement Seat Skins (Skins/covers only, not entire seats)

    LOCATION: Ship to US


    PRICE: Negotiable or Make an offer (I have no idea what the OZ market charges so I have no notion of a price to suggest)

    DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Willing to ship to the US


    CONTACT DETAILS: PM me through the forum

    OTHER INFO: Here in the States, there are a number of manufacturers of replacement, custom-fit fabric and/or leather seat skins which allow customization. I am assuming there must be one or a couple such manufacturers Down Under. Can someone help point me in the direction of one or a couple websites? To be clear, I am NOT looking for seat covers, but custom fit, replacement seat skins (remove the old skins and the upholsterer takes the new ones from the box and slides them onto the OEM foam, frame, etc.).

    Background to the inquiry: Am looking at upgrading a Chevrolet (Holden) WN Caprice which was sold here in police car trim (read: shockingly basic). The car never saw police use and would make a nice daily driver, if I could just de-police it a bit. There is a carpet kit and plenty of wheel options, but seats are another story. Can anyone help point a bloke in the right direction? Cheers.

    PICTURES: Don't have any. The following website should give a pretty clear idea of what kind of Australian company I am seeking:


    Thank you.

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