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main fuse keeps blowing up



hey all i have a vn v6 1990 model commodore and i am having a bit of a problem with it. i tried to start my car on friday morning to find that the main fuse was blown, my dad tried removing the main fuse onli to find that he had broke the whole fusible link panel. i had an electrician come and fix the car ... the electrician started the car 3 times to make sure everythink was in order. about 5 mins after he left i tried starting the car to find that the main fuse was broken again, since then i have tried everything i can think of may be the problem such as, disconecting my amp, tacho etc replacing the main fuse then tryin to start the car again to have the main fuse blow again ... i even removed my newly installed body kit to chek that i hadnt drilled through a wire. i have now gone through 10 main fuses and am out of ideas... plz any ideas/help will be much appreciated. thanks


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Jul 24, 2006
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89 VN Commodore Wagon
sounds like you have a bad short some where either in the ignition system or try checking alt use a test light & check if there is a short there now you put the algator clip on the negative terminal & test both sides of the main fuse one side will light meaning there is current (power) there & the other side should not light the next thing you do is put the clip on positive side of your battery terminal & check the side of the main fuse that had no power in it if it lights up u have a short in the system sometimes you have to turn your ignition on when u do this to try that & see if that helps