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MF5 Gearbox And Propeller Shaft "Sleeve"


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Jan 10, 2005
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VE Sedan Country Pack

The problem I have is that the sleeve in the extension housing / selection housing just in-front of the oil seal is worn, it's got deep scratch marks in it and I'm wondering if this has to be replaced and would the propeller shaft also have to be replaced.

I can't find the actual name of the sleeve. During the strip down sequence of the MF5 in the Gregories manual they don't show the sleeves in the rear of the extension housing and since this is my first atempt at stripping a box down I need a bit of help please:)

I'll try to explain exactly where the prob is:whistling

The rear end of the Extension housing where the Propeller shaft goes into the Selection housing and through the oil seal.

The outside of the propeller shaft spins on a sleeve (Problem Area):bang:

The end (splined end) of the Mainshaft of the Manual Transmission fits into the propeller shaft splines and the whole lot spins on a slotted sleeve.

Any help would be great especially the name of the part, does it have to be replaced and where would I get the part from as the bearing kit I got for the gearbox didn't come with the sleeve.

Here's a few images of the scored / scratched sleeve and where it is. (The images are small:D