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Moderators Wanted

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Feb 2, 2003
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Hi Guys,
I am happy with the way things are going and have decided to let 2 more moderators join the Just Commodores team.

With all different hours I am doing for work it's making it hard to keep track of everything which goes on so I am after some extra eyes just to keep things moving along without people like WREXD trying to make it things difficult.

Anyway I am currently seeking 2 more moderators for the forum. If you feel you can do this I am more than happy to give you a go. We already have Garth which has become part of the furniture really so he's staying for good or as long as he wishes to stay.

I have a couple of members here in mind for the positions which I am hoping they can get in contact with me either by PM or E-Mail to discuss it further but we'll see.

The only stipulation is don't abuse your powers otherwise your stint as a moderator will be very short lived. What I mean by this is modifying other members posts because you don't agree with them just for an example.

If you have not had any experience don't let that scare you off as I am happy to give everyone a go but obviously I can't appoint everyone so if you miss out don't feel it's anything against you.

As for pay rate Since I make no money from the site and wish for it to stay like that you get nothing except a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you are helping people in need.


Update: Due to a number of reasons Garth has been promoted to Admin for the forum. Thanks again to Garth for dealing with the troublesome users we had earlier on today.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Chuck aboard to the Just Commodores Moderation Team.

There is 1 spot left for the time being so if you want a to join the team just do what Chuck did and PM me.

Update 2: The second and final moderator has been appointed, welcome to MuNtEd who is the latest member of the Just Commodores Team.
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