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My other v6 project


Dec 5, 2006
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VN Executive S1 Sedan, VR Ute
My little Diahatsu Handivan.

Removed the asthmatic 2 cyl 4 speed and have shoehorned a vn v6 into it. :)

Following the guidelines from the DMT and the engineer, I have built a new full chassis with integral cage.

All the drivetrain and most suspension has come from a donor vn commodore wagon.

Using the V6 5 speed. Rebuilding to be supercharged.

I have cut the k frame from vn down to the required track. Steering rack is adapted from the diahatsu to the commodore stub axles. Works well with the geometry of the front suspension plus only 2 and a half turns lock to lock :D

The diff has also been cut down to the correct track

Using all the sheet metal from the diahatsu.

Also I have cut the vn dash down to fit as well . :hmmm:

It's back on the spit at the moment to do all the body work. Too old to crawl on the ground :rofl2:

Only get a few hours a week to work on it, so it's a long term project. Don't matter tho, need it to do all the calc's on the geometry.

I think I might encounter a few problems. If I get traction, will it wheel stand or just flip over ??

I'm aiming for a finished weight of around 800kg, which is doable. Lost a fair few heavy parts from the original 690 kg, and haven't added that much. The original drivetrain is about the same weight as a v6 with no transmission, plus a fiberglass front end might be on the cards also, but I have flared and reradiused the original guards.

aiming for 1+nm of torque per kg. Should move it alone at a fair clip :surprise:

More pics when I get a new camera..