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Nick's VT Berlina Wagon


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May 19, 2009
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98 VT Berlina V6
Hi everyone, new to the forum so thought I'd show you guys what I'm driving.

Car is unmodified by myself (don't plan any for a while, just want a nice car for a while :p). And only picked it up last night!

These aren't my photos, as I haven't had a chance to snap any high res ones yet.

I upgraded a shoddy VL wagon, and compared to that, this thing is luxury!

Model: 1998 VT Berlina Wagon
Colour: Champagne Beige
Engine: V6
Gearbox: Auto
Exhaust: Extractors and upgraded exhaust (not sure of spec)
Brakes: Stock
Suspension: King Springs (1" lower) + upgraded shocks (not sure of spec..)
Wheels: 17" VT SS Rims
Interior: Stock
Purchase Price: $5,400 in cash (dude went to Holden for road-worthy and they did an excessive amount of work on it... feel sorry for the dude!)

Future Mods:
No planned mods. I'm not a mechanic or a car enthusiast and really just wanted a nice commodore to cart my drums around in. And this certainly lives up to expectations.

These snaps are off the carsales.com.au page.