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Not quite right!


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Sep 25, 2008
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Hi all,
(vt 99, 137000kms)
cold starts it will almost struggle to start, when i bought it i would turn the key and it would start instantly, not sure what the sound is, whether its the starter motor cranking or the engine turning but you could hear it go click click vroooom or to that effect :p, i have only done 15000km in it and i have noticed now after it has sat for a while it takes a bit more to start (more clicking noisesand time) not a great deal of difference, but i notice it, also when it does start its rougher than usual (everyone says its cos its cold but it never used to do it) and then if i put my foot down sometimes it alsomst dies, everthing cuts out lights dim engine revs drop suddenly. i have done the leads, plugs and a cold air intake/w/k&n filter recently. this has got me f****d, am i worrying for nothing or better yet is thee something i can do to fix it.
its a D.I.Y. cai out of pvc and its been unusauly cold lately, fog and s**t around, could it be that simple?