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Pod Filter & CAI



Hey guys,

I'm looking at adding a K&N pod filter and CAI to my 96 Lexcen (VS, dont tease me :p ) As I am a tad unsure I thought you guys could hopefully help me out a tad.

Firstly, is this the type of CAI I need? Then just follow that DIY tutorial about cutting the bottom of the airbox? Is there a difference between the S/C CAI that people talk about and a standard CAI?

From what I can tell from pictures, the pod filter usually goes where the airbox is doesn't it? How does it fit? Will I need to take the airbox out and if so will this affect the CAI?

Will a filter like this be fine for the VS and would it be worth getting the adapter? I've read up a fair bit on these but wanted to know if it is hard trying to install one of these? Any other gear needed to install one?

Sorry for all the stupid questions guys. Hopefully you all don't flame me too much for it ;) I appreciate the help.

Cheers :)


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Apr 14, 2006
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Hi, thats the right cai. You can get them from holden for that price and not pay any postage.
I would buy a K&N panel filter to suit. If you put a pod on you will have to make a new housing for it. I saw panel filters a e-bay for about $100.
With a new cai and a normal filter it will perform better than a pod filter.


Yeah, from what I've read, the CAI performs better with the airbox and panel filter. And if I was to get a pod filter, I would also require a heat shield. How much do these set me back?

Also, people have been discussing the legalty of having a pod filter that isn't enclosed. Anyone have a definate answer whether this is legal or not?

Will a pod filter actually fit in the stock airbox? It's bloody small. And at idle a pod filter (that isn't heat shielded) will just suck in hot air from the engine, am I right?

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