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Quick gripe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Glauron, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Glauron

    Glauron Guest

    As mentioned in another thread, i was driving hom from Newcastle the other weekend -

    anyway, was doing the trip with a younger brother on his motobike P's, and another brother on his L's, who I let drive my car for a bit to give them both some experience on the open road..

    so - we're doing 80 (long trip thanks to the L's ;) ) along the country highway between Merrywa & Dunedoo. Bike leading the way. A 4WD pulls up behind us and sits there for a while. We pass through a little valley with a good stretch of straight road, full visibility and no oncoming cars, but the 4WD sits behind us.

    We come out of the stretch and head up a steepish hill coming out of a turn, so the 4WD overtakes us. Not just us in the car, but the bike in front. Up a cresting hill. It was all but suicide to overtake just US, but to keep going on past my bro on his bike .... and he didn't he gun it past him, just slowly overtook. He pulled in front of my bro AS he reached the crest.

    - what the heck!?

    If someone had come the opposite direction, he would probably have had less than a second, 2 tops, to respond. What could he do? either have a head on with another car, or in the interests of saving his own skin, veer left onto the correct side of the road, wiping my bro off his bike. Why not take the long straight? or wait a min or two for another one? If his trip was a long as ours, a 2 min wait over 5-6 hours isn't much to sacrifice, but putting the life of many people on the road to save the time it would take to boil a jug ....!

    Only one 'civilised' way I can describe him. Asswipe.
  2. bangers

    bangers New Member

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    Aug 15, 2005
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    you do get some cowboys on that highway
  3. shaggerz

    shaggerz New Member

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    Jun 29, 2005
    Victoria Point, Brisbane
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    2004 VY2 SV8 A4
    I see this plenty on the winding roads around mount nebo. There are some COMPLETE IDIOTS who seem to think its wiser to overtake on a blind corner than on a straight where you can see for hundreds of metres... I HATE THEM because one day *I* will no doubt be the car coming the other way around the bend with no option but to smash into them and probably kill both of us just because of THEIR stupidity...


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