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rebuilt 5lt problem

Discussion in 'VN - VP Holden Commodore (1988 - 1993)' started by scared_, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. scared_

    scared_ Guest

    my mum drive a vn 5Lt, recently it lost oil pressure and had to get the engin rebuilt. its going to be a bit hard to explain the problem because she doesnt let me drive it often and if i do i dont go slow enough for it to happen. when she drives through car parks at low speeds it hunts, only when idleing. if you let i go without excelerating the engin stalls, its auto not man if your thinking mabey she cant drive. theres no nods done to that i think would be affecting it, just cold air intake and hi-flo filter. if anyone has any insite that would be great because its not the safest thing...
  2. greenfoam

    greenfoam New Member

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    Jan 13, 2005
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    VP Executive R-spec
    It's probably the IAC valve, there's info around on the forums on how to clean it, or just buy a new one (it goes on the throttle body)
  3. xcop5l

    xcop5l 4th year spanner spinner

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    Jun 19, 2006
    ol' geelong vic
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    VN ex cop 5L
    it could also have a missfire mine devloped one 3 days ago and it hunts at idle but at high speed (100-130) it vibrates like its going to fall apart.

    (why dose my car play up when im on holldays) its ok its fixed now

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