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Replace Windscreen fitted mirror with roof fitted mirror? - vn


Jun 20, 2009
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latrobe valley
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3.8L S1 VN & Sr20det 180sx
I had a bit of a search and came up with nothing on this particular topic, so I just thought I'd see if anyone else has ever fitted a Roof mount rear view mirror to a vn which originally had a windscreen mounted mirror?? Just I've recently picked up a vn which HAD a windscreen mount mirror that has fallen off at some point, I had a spare roof mount mirror so figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to fit that.. I then realised the holes and such weren't there..

I haven't actually pulled the lining off though, is all the crap to bolt up too still up underneath it or did they NOT put it there due to the mirror being on the windscreen? i'll assume its not there, just i only realised the lining itself had no holes or anything so i'm not 100% but i'm assuming not..

I just thought i'd see if anyone else has done this or has some suggestions or something? Just I'd rather not have to deal with mirrors falling off >.< or have to find a way to reattach the one that's come off, the roof mount sounds the best to me..

Thanks guys :) any responses are much appreciated, even if there is nothing I can do :p

EDIT: Got in a mates car today, his mirror looked a little dodgy, he stated his kid ripped his windscreen fitted mirror off, so he fitted a new one to the roof.. i asked if he screwed directly to the lining to hold it or if the holes were on the roof or what, he stated the holes were still up there.. so I pulled at my roof lining a bit, and it was there.. problem solver :D now i can either measure roof linings and cut holes, or have it mounted ~5mm off the lining :/
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