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S2_VR_'s 1995 VR Wagon


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Feb 28, 2009
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Northern Rivers, NSW.
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03' M6 VY SS ute
S2_VR_'s VR Wagon

Hi Guys & Gal's, i been a member on this site since Febuary and decided to make a serious attempt at this thread.

OK Before you start Reading This is a kind of "Budget Build", Being a Student and having no income for the last 5 months makes it hard to do up my car.

Name: S2_VR_

Model: VR S2 Executive

Colour: (2-Pack) Marenello Red

Bodykit: Executive

Engine Type: 3.8L Buick, 175,XXXkm

Engine Mods: High Flow Panel Filter, K&N High Flow Oil Filter, 8mm Top Gun Leads.

Power: Gonna Dyno It in like 3 Months. (after i bolt some new **** on CAI, 5 Speed, just few other things)

Exhaust: 2.5" Lukey Cat Back Exhuast System, Stock Headers.

Gearbox: Rebuilt From The Ground up Auto Tranny, And Just Bought A Manual Conversion for it so wont Be long till it's in.

Diff: LSD. (as of Today!!) LOVE two wheels spinning) lol

Brakes: Standard,

Suspension: Lowest Pedder's available.. Part No. #2275 In Front, "Low" Kings in back. (trying to Find Money For Ultra Low Sedan Springs)

Wheels/Tyres: 18" 5 Spoke (dunno wat brand)... I want 5 Spoke 20"s of somekind or elanors...

Interior: Black and grey (havent finished painting)

Stereo: 2x 12" Cadence Subs, JVC **** Headunit (does the job), Sony Crap in Doors.

Other Mods: Clear indicators, Berlina Wood Grain Door Cards, Berlina Crome Door Sil's..

Future Mods: Where To Begin??...
  • CAI
  • Greenfoam Tune
  • T5 Conversion (Got everything for it sitting here)
  • Tint "Cargo" Area Windows
  • Berlina Wagon Chrome Window Surrounds
  • Closed Door Respray (Same Colour)
  • HD Ultra Low Sedan Springs
  • Monaro Bonnet
  • Whitewalls - To Make Those Tiny 18"s look Bigger!!
  • Fully De-badged, Black Door Protectors Removed. (When it gets spray Job).
  • Sub Enclosure, Across Back of Cargo Bay, Behind the seat.

Pictures: Oldest - Newest

Day I Got It....

Few Days Later...

Wreck i Bought For Berlina Parts....

After I Lowered The Front Of The Car....

Tinted "front door and rear door windows (from Berlina)

King Spring "LOW" or "SL" in Back......(Better Pics Soon)

As It Stands Today....(Not For Long Though...)

Keep Tuned For More Pictures... Should Be Up Tommorrow.. or Today....

So, Tell Me What You Think...
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sam artek

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Dec 10, 2007
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vs acclaim
yeah the list looks good, will be nice to see how this turns out