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starting issues


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Nov 6, 2007
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vt series2
i have a 2006 ss when i try to start the car in the mornings all i get is a loud click then after normally about 10+ times it usually starts then when its warmed up it starts up straight away untill its cooled down again then once again just does the constant clicking.
i have taken the car to ultra tune they checked the battery output and thats well over the required amount as i only replaced the battery earlier this year also checked the connections on the starter motor and said theyll tight and clean of any contaminants.
i suggested replacing the starter motor and they said ray more then likely spending the money to replace the starter motor and what if it doesnt fix it my daughter has missed a few days off school because i cant start the car then when i do take it in to be fixed it starts working properly please any help will be much appreciated