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trip computer - LCD lights only half work VR Berlina



My Berlina has the 3 LCD screens in the dash cluster for the Trip computer settings.

The Left and Center LCD screens have started to play up, I can barley see the numbers anymore. the back light on the LCD's works fine, The LCD screen on the right "Odometer & KM's left in tank till empty" works great still.

I cant find any similar problems like this in these forums

what do I need to fix them. (I need to set the speed limiter thing to 100km to stop my wife getting another speeding ticket). but yeah I cant see what im doing.

Thanks Lee
94 VR berlina, auto V6


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Sep 15, 2006
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My brother had a problem with the trip computer in his vp berlina, i'm not sure of the specifics but basically about half of the little lights that make up the numbers on the display had failed in a random pattern he ended up chasing the wiring back and found a poor connection on some pins somwhere, i'm assuming it was in a harness, i think he basically rubbed a little corrosion off the pins and everything was schmicko. Sorry i can't be more specific it was quite some time ago but if that's the problem it should be an easy fix