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[WA] V6 TH700 and Hi Stall


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Apr 2, 2008
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Kwinana, Perth
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Vl turbo/ vn supercharged
Transmission came out of a one owner VN Calais (an old mans car). Car had done 78000km. I took the trans to a place and the bloke said its like new inside. I had him put a new corvette servo and another mod that I've forgotton the name of. I drove 300 km with it going to work and back. At that point I decided to go in a completely different direction with my car. So the trans needs a new home. It's obviously in excellent cond and still has a fresh sumpfull of Royal Purple trans fluid. The trans bloke said it's good for up to 230rwhp reliably, with no further mods. Some have said a bit more, but that's wot my bloke said. I had about 208rwhp at the time. The trans comes with a BRAND NEW UNUSED Dominator lock up Hi Stall with purchase receipt. Stall is 2800-3000rpm depending how much power u put through it.

Condition-used/excellent. 78300km

Price-$1000 firm.

Freight-pick up or buyer to organize

Payment- cash in hand/bank deposit

Pics- i can send a pic of converter. And trans if need be. But the trans looks like every other TH700 on the outside.

Contact- PM me,
[email protected]