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VE Omega 2 Issues resolved

Discussion in 'VE Holden Commodore (2006 - 2013)' started by LuminaME, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. LuminaME

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    Mar 28, 2010
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    VE Lumina 3.6L
    Putting information of 2 resolutions I just had recently for 2 issues in the VE Omega (probably applies to SV6):

    (1) Engine Start-Up,
    Since it started to get colder couple of months ago, in mornings when I first switch ignition key to ON, for the first attempt nothing happend in response (No clicking, no cranck, just nothing). Then I switch key OFF, then try a second time, and car cranck and starts very normally, and runs without any issue for the whole day.
    In begining it occured like once every few days, then it became more regular about every morning.
    First I got battery checked, it came out aging, so replaced with new battery, but that didn't solve the issue.
    Then I got the car checked by experience auto electrician, he went undercar, pushed connector of staart-up motor properly. it's been weeks (and even colder weeks), and that problem didn't occure at all.
    Seems the start-up motor got little loose in the cold climate.

    (2) The famouse CD Mechanism Error (Single CD Player)
    This started 3 weeks ago after a real freezing cold days. I turned the car on, and cd player just ejected a cd that was in, and the problem started. Head unit was seeing there is a disc in (where as there is none), first it tries to play cd, then give "cd error" and "cd mechanism error" alerts in sequence. these errors with the annoying beeps on every time I start th car :(
    I was going to replace the whole headunit with the 6stacker model, but I already had put trunk mount 10cd changer. Or I thought, I would replace only the cd mechanism. Today I wanted to check if I can disconnect the cd mechanism at least to end the error beeps, untill replacement arrives, and here is:
    - For those who didn't find it, the following 2 links are for real detailed instruction on how to remove the head unit, and how to get access to cd player case.
    https://sites.google.com/site/udcaus/holden-ve-stereo-removal-instructions ... luckily in my case -LH car, I didn't need to remove the glove box to reach for the connectors :)

    - When I disconnected the cd case, I unscrewed and pulled up the circuit board on its bottom (seen in pic below) to get access to gears and mechanisms of player under it.
    I rotated mechanism gears manually, noted something clicked among them, and then they all started rotating geared to each other. Did several forward/back rotation of the gears, then I put the cd case back to unit and tried ... IT WORKED.
    - Confirmed: you don't need to reprogram nor to put any code if you remove the head unit and put it back
    - Confirmed: if you disconnect and remove the cd player case totally, then re-mount the head unit without cd player case. Head unit will function without any problem and without any errors (this might help you shut that annoying beeps if the cd mechanism was really damaged and didn't work again)

    Hope this might help someone someday
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  2. NZ-GTR

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Wellington NZ
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    Ignition Orange SSV
    Cheers mate! I have intermittent issues with mine from time to time, I'll try this if it happens again :)

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