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VP V8 Auto T700 speed sensor (Male end)


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Mar 13, 2009
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Hey guys,

First post on this site so if I'm making mistakes on placement or subject then i apologise in advance.

The speed sensor on the T700 has broken off when trying to twist it off. The best way that i can describe the problem is that the black plastic housing that is mounted in the gearbox with the metal bracket around it, holding it in, with the small male shaft end sticking out is all that is attached to the gearbox now. When i remove this part from the gearbox i got covered in trans oil.

What is this part of the gearbox called as it is not the speed sensor?

I need to get a new speed sensor but i now also have to get the corresponding end of the speed sensor that is attached/ mounted inside the gearbox.

Where do i find the other end of the speed sensor for sale?
Is it best to take it back to a gearbox mechanic or can i resolve this issue myself?
Is it possible to create more problems by removing this end from the gearbox besides loosing a lot of gearbox oil? E.G. Misalignment of something or loosing springs..... :/