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VY Wagon factory LPG conversion available


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Nov 3, 2007
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Hi guys,
I am in Melbourne, wantirna sth and I have a Factory Impco LPG conversion kit to suit a VY series II wagon that a customer ordered many months ago but has not been back to get done and I can't contact him.
If anyone is intereseted in getting their VY wagon converted to LPG using a GENUINE FACTORY LPG conversion PM me and let me know.

The benefits of a FACTORY kit are: the dash is reprogrammed so the LPG tank symbol appears on the display when on LPG and the LPG level is read off the petrol gauge when on gas.
The ECU is reprogrammed so when on LPG the ECU runs a totally different map taking advantage of LPG's higher octane rating, so you gain effeciency when compared to a non factory system.
The tank is specifically designed by holden and looks and fits perfectly.
And the system is Lean bias so it reduces the chance of backfire occuring.

The extra price of a factory fitted system over a aftermarket non specific system is well worth the extra money as you will have peace of mind knowing that the system is fully factory backed and approved.

Once again if your interested PM me and I will give you prices and extra's for forum members.