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Weird Problem Blowing A Fuse


Do I Smell Burnin Rubber?
Mar 9, 2005
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Melbourne, South Eastern Burbs
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VS Calais 5.0Litre '96 Series 1
When i put my VS in reverse, if i give to too much throttle i blow the engine control module 20A fuse in the engine bay.

Any ideas?

pretty much when someone works on my car or drives it i get a call saying ummm your car died when i was reversing can you come and get it started.
or if i have some moron infront of my that is sitting in an intersection and waits till the lights go red and then turns leaving me in the intersection and i have to reverse very quickly, POP there goes the fuse and my car stalls. It will try and kick over but it cant. Also this happens when i park on a down slope in a carpark, i have to give it more throttle to get the car out, i can blow 2 or 3 fuses before i get my car out sometimes.

Please any ideas?


By going into reverse and using the throttle as the car goes backwards the engine would move forward slightly, and the same on the carpark slope the engine would move forward slightly. Sounds like the wiring has a short to earth when the car is in this position, I'd suggest you jack the back of the car up or place it on ramps if you can to induce the fault and that way you may have a chance at finding the problem.
Instead of blowing fuses all the time on these faults I use a 20 Amp circuit breaker with leads to 6mm flat splayed lugs so the circuit breaker can plug into the fuse position instead, across the circuit breaker wire a small lamp and extend it to the drivers cabin.
When the fault occurs and the circuit breaker opens the earth fault will cause the lamp to light, as soon as the fault clears the lamp goes out, the circuit breaker resets and all's back to normal. I hope it will help you find the fault and not have to leap out and replace fuses all the time.