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Thread: Installing a Stereo into a VN - VS

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    Default Installing a Stereo into a VN - VS

    Tools Needed
    • 250mm Shifter
    • Small & Medium Sized Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Medium Sized Philips Head Screwdriver
    • Wire Cutters
    • Crimping Tool

      Other Material/s Needed
    • Bullet/Spade Connectors both male and female
    • Electrical Tape
    • Soldering Iron and Solder (If you are going to solder all connections)

    Installing a head unit into a Commodore is easier than you think, wiring can be a bit tricky but I have put together a spreadsheet with all the wiring colours for all Commodores with the original Eurovox stereos which should save a fair bit of time. The wiring colour spreadsheet can be found here in the Car Audio section.

    Here is how to go about the removal/installation of a head unit:

    Before going any further Disconnect the battery! This is Very important! If you fail to do this you could damage the old head unit or damage the new head unit during the installation which could result in a useless piece of metal.

    1. Pull out the ashtray.
    2. Pull out the plastic surrounding cigarette lighter and transmission gear selector. You will find it only comes out a little way, slide your hand underneath and remove the connections attached to the cigarette lighter. To make this process a little easier I tend to put the transmission into 1 meaning it is right down the bottom which gives you maximum room, keep in mind it is very wise to have the handbrake on if the transmission is out of park for obvious reasons.
    3. Undo the 3 screws at the base of the plastic surround which fits neatly around the existing head unit and speed controller/temperature control unit.
    4. Gently pull towards the rear of the car as there are clips which should let go with a bit of force. Once this is free disconnect the blue plug from the A/C switch. On the right hand side where the temperature control you will find 1 philips head screw about half way down on the left hand side, remove this and then pull the fan speed controller out a little bit to disconnect the 3 connectors or 2 if climate control is installed and pop it out of harms way.
    5. Look behind the plastic cover which sits just in front of the firewall on the drivers side and you will see a metal rod with a thread on it attached to a plastic clip holding the rod, place a small flathead screwdriver at the top and prise plastic tab towards the right of the car which should enable you to remove the rod with ease. Also keep in mind there is a copper pipe there, if the car has been running this will be hot and believe me it does burn as I have found out a number of times.
    6. If the head unit is original or has similar brackets you will find 2 screws, 1 located on either side of the stereo which holds the head unit in place, remove these using a philips head screwdriver and the head unit will slide out toward the rear of the car. Once the head unit is out enough for you to get to the back remove any cabling including the aerial connection and/or RCA leads from the rear of the head unit ensuring you have some idea where they came from. It may pay at this point before taking them out to use a bit of masking tape and label each one. Don't throw away the stereo unit just yet as you will be needing it shortly.
    7. To enable easy access to any brackets which may need changed it is best to remove the complete surround around the temperature control. Open the glove box and leave it there, you will see directly in front 3 philips head screws which need to be removed. On the right hand side where the drop tray is you will need to use a flathead screwdriver to rotate the plastic screws 90 degrees which will allow it to drop down and it shouldn't get in the way.

      Removing the surround can be a little frustrating and may appear to get caught as there are lugs which hold it firmly in place on the centre console but a bit of persuasion and patience it will come out.

    8. If for some reason you do need to remove the glove box and drop tray here is how you go about it
      Glove box - On the right hand side looking at it you will find a black pin which can be prised out with a small flathead screwdriver.
      Drop Tray - On the left hand side looking at the tray you will find a black pin (same as the glove box) which can be prised out with a small flathead screwdriver.
    9. Since the head unit is now out of the car, you can now remove the mounting brackets from the head unit, this will vary from make to make but generally philips head screws are used.
    10. Screw the brackets you just took off onto the new head unit assuming they fit otherwise go to your nearest audio stockist and see whether they have one or simply make one yourself if you have the appropriate tools and know how.
    11. Now for the fun bit - wiring. Basically match up the colours on the colour chart available from the downloads section with the new wiring loom on the new head unit, if in doubt with the new wiring loom refer to the wiring diagram that came with it. For all connections I like to use the bullet or spade type connectors and then some electrical tape around the connections to make sure they touch. Alternatively twitch the connections together, solder them up and use some electrical tape around them or heat shrink.
    12. Once the above is done plug in the wiring loom into the new head unit, replace the battery terminal and switch on the ignition just to see whether everything works as it should, if it does good job and its time to put everything back together otherwise just go back over the wiring and ensure everything is connected correctly. If things still aren't good I would start looking at whether the head unit is buggered up.
    13. To put everything back together do everything in reverse, making sure that wires are nicely taped up together and aren't going to get crushed to pieces when the head unit is screwed back into position.

    When putting the screws back in you may want to consider getting some torx screws making it that little bit harder for thieves to take your stereo if they have the urge. Lets face it if they want it they'll get it no matter what but hey why not make it that little bit harder. If you decide this option you will need the driver to go with it, the best place to get these is Dick Smiths, Tandy's or Jaycar.

    Well there you have it, there are many different ways to go about installing a head unit, this is the way I have done it a number of times and it has worked for me on each occasion. If you do have an easier way please drop me a email and I'll put up your recommendation along with credit where it is due.

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    Lightbulb My bible

    thanks for this mate, it was my hbible when i was installing my mp3 HU. thanks again ViperVp..

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    Default Thanks Darren

    Great post, I was just about to attack my son's newly bought VP (installing new CD player) when I found this forum. It's been a great help

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    disconnect heater control rod next to where your left ankle would sit on drivers side , little white clip on swing arm
    drop panel below steering column ,3 clips twist 90 degrees
    3 screws down driver side of dash facia
    drop glove box 1 clip in box at rear right , slide clip out towards passenger side
    3 screws down passenger side of dash facia
    remove ashtray
    remove panel around shifter clipped in only and slide back
    3 screws along bottom of center facia panel
    unclip facia panel carefully
    Unplug the LED for immobiliser (this sux)
    4 screw hold dash facia and 1 in AC controls
    2 plugs in rear of AC controls + 1 hose cluster
    undo 2 Large chrome screws going straight down and console will drop
    remove dash facia
    2 screws holding deck in

    Orange = constant 12V
    yellow = accesories
    Black = earth
    Brown/white = illumination
    yellow/red = elec aerial
    dark green & light green = front right (DG-)
    tan & grey = front left (G-)
    dark/black & blue red = rear right (DB-)
    brown/black & yellow/blue = rear left (YB-)

    There is 3 screws holding the brackets to the deck , if you drill a new hole between the 2 screws that are towards the front of the bracket it will line up with most after market decks and will screw straight in and look stock again.
    Need to drill on the white dots.
    Right click save as . .

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    sk1p Guest


    I have attempted to change head units in my VN until i got to taking the current unit out. There are 2 screws facing the other way on the bracket... I don't know how to get them out so any help will be greatttly appreciated ))

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    Very small 8mm spanner and patience , once you crack the thread you can actually undo them by fingers.
    Or alternatively use long nose pliers.
    Right click save as . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk1p
    I have attempted to change head units in my VN until i got to taking the current unit out. There are 2 screws facing the other way on the bracket... I don't know how to get them out so any help will be greatttly appreciated ))
    to get to them screws remove the 2 big black plastic vent/pipe things which are only held in by a screw then you have easy access to them 2 screws.. just did it before and was able to remove the screws easily

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    97stata Guest

    Default steering wheels controls

    is there any way of connecting the steering wheel controls to a new head unit or is it to much trouble to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 97stata
    is there any way of connecting the steering wheel controls to a new head unit or is it to much trouble to try.
    This would be interesting to know... I believe you can buy an aftermarket module to allow this... not to sure about ti all tho...

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