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Magnum #224

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  • DEW_1895 (Large).JPG DEW_1899 (Large).JPG DEW_1900 (Large).JPG DEW_1903 (Large).JPG DEW_1904 (Large).JPG DEW_1907 (Large).JPG DEW_1912 (Large).JPG DEW_1913 (Large).JPG DEW_1915 (Large).JPG DEW_1916 (Large).JPG DEW_1918 (Large).JPG 2017-10-09 14.10.57 (Large).jpg 2017-10-05 16.19.09 (Large).jpg 2017-10-05 16.19.50 (Large).jpg 2017-10-05 16.20.40 (Large).jpg Magnum ute #224 of 240. Delivered 9/10/17

    2017-10-09 14.10.57 (Large).jpg 2017-10-05 16.19.09 (Large).jpg 2017-10-05 16.19.50 (Large).jpg 2017-10-05 16.20.40 (Large).jpg

Recent User Reviews

  1. UTE042_NZ
    "Noice tips"
    As sexy as a Straddie chick with her tits out.
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  2. vt dreamer
    cant go wrong with black on red.
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  3. 426Cuda
    "What a stunner. Love it."
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User Comments

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  1. peterhor
    Wish the Ute had made it to the USA - Great looking Magnum!
  2. jeffro1956
    Very nice Magnum, first one I`ve seen in a lucky owners hands all the other photos have been press photos, looking forward to seeing one out on the open road, who knows the first I see may be this one?...lol
    I have a Motorsport Edition in " Red Hot " Build number 254...only seen two others Spitfire Green and a Red Hot...the funny thing is as I picked mine up and drove it home from Geisslers Motors Goulburn, as I entered my town limits the Spitfire Green was exiting them.When I get to figure out how to put photos here I will post some...Thankyou for reading
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    1. lmoengnr
      I've only seen one other Magnum on the road, just around the corner from my place. It was white, and towing a work trailer! At least it is out and being used. There are 4 Red Hot Motorsports in town that are out most weekends, and a couple of white Directors.
      lmoengnr, May 21, 2018