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6 litre

  1. LachieCaprice


    Hey Guys currently looking at purchasing a 2006 Holden ve Calais v 6.0 it’s done 186,000 km and was wondering if I should look for anything in particular( other then general items as in service history , oil condition ,radiator and coolant ) a family member has a 2008 highout put v6 with...
  2. LetterioCaruso

    VZ v6 to 6 litre conversion

    Hi all just wanting some help in regards to fitting a 6 litre into my VZ V6 Sedan. Before I start getting just sell it and buy a v8 I completely agree with you that it’s heaps easier but due to sentimental family reasons results in why I want to do the conversion. I have a 6 litre engine out of...
  3. A

    [VIC] VZ CLUBSPORT R8 6 Ltr Manual 320rwkw (Urgent Sale change of career) FULL YEARS REGO

    Selling on behalf of my friend Michael ITEM: VZ CLUBSPORT R8 6 Ltr Manual PRICE: $26,999 LOCATION: Hillside (western suburbs) , VIC YEAR: 2005 SERIES: Z BADGE: Example: Clubsport R8 ENGINE: Brand new L98 with receipt under 10,000 kms TRANSMISSION: 6 speed Manual...
  4. S

    Diff Gear for VE

    ive got a VE SSV 6 speed auto and in the next few weeks im getting full exhaust system with OTR and a dyno tune and want to do a shift kit and diff gears but i am unsure of what gears to get i was thinking 3.7s.....does this sound right? (the car is a daily driver)