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cheap improvements

  1. D

    V6 VS/Lexcen. Complete stock. Frugal mod advice/where to go please?

    Hey guys, I've just turned 18 and study Mechanical Engineering at Curtin here in Perth. I've got a V6 VS/Lexcen Csi. (See profile for pic) It's completly stock. It's heading towards doing 140k kms and is in excellent condition mechnically (minus break pads need replacing soon and some bushes...
  2. M

    Need some expert advice on modding my VR (= I'm cash strapped! =)

    Hey guys, All I've ever owned is commy's and I've never really modded anything and was looking for some pointers on where to start with the VR I just got. What are my best options to start with considering I don't have that much spare cash but still want some bang for my buck? I'm just about...