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exhaust manifold

  1. S

    LLT Exhaust Manifold Removal

    Hi all, I believe I have a crack in my exhaust manifold (passenger side ) I'm looking to take it off to replace / repair it. What's the process to remove the exhaust manifold on the passenger side? Do I have to take off the oil filter housing? Space looks quite tight there and looks like a...
  2. Y

    VY exhaust manifold and flange gaskets?

    Hi everyone, this might seem like the stupidest question ever but I must ask it. I've taken off the exhaust manifold from the left-hand side of my wife's VY and there's no exhaust manifold gasket there nor is there a gasket where the exhaust manifold joins the pipe that Heads to the cat. Does...
  3. M

    Help fixing V6 rattle

    I'm trying to fix an annoying rattle in my factory Supercharged V6 statesman. Ive had a metalic rattle which I can hear on Idle for ages. Ive always been able to hear it near the rear of the engine at the passenger side and when I stick my head under the car near the left hand cat it has...
  4. VTEZN

    How do i emove passenger side exhaust manifolds

    Hey guys got a crack in the passenger side exhaust manifold of my 1999 vt s2 all going good till i get to this huge ass bolt that seems to be screwed into the manifold which leads to a unit that connects to the inlet. Now ive seen some of these cut off. I realy dont want to cut it but i might...
  5. somefool

    Crack in stock headers...

    Hey guys i noticed a hairline crack running at the corner of cyl#5 header a few weeks back and thought nothing of it, as the crack was small. After installing a new oxy sensor last week the car ran like a dream again + the engine bay was so much cooler than it was when it was running the old...