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  1. J

    Harrop ultimate brakes

    Anyone out there fitted Harrop ultimate brakes to their series 2 redline. What are your thoughts, are they worth the money? Will I Still be able to use the redline HF 20 inch rims (brake clearance) TIA
  2. D

    [VIC] WTB Vy R8 Harrop Brakes

    Hi guys, chasing a full set of VY HSV Harrop brakes. After everything to convert from standard to the Harrop setup. cheers ITEM: VY HSV Harrop Brakes LOCATION: Vic (happy to pay postage interstate if needed) CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: not sure what they are worth so please let me know...
  3. L

    harrop 4 piston hsv brakes

    hi guys, i recently purchased some harrop 343mm hsv 4 piston brakes for the front of my vz ss. I spoke to a bloke down at penrith brake and clutch and he said that I will need a custom hose made up for it to fit. Is this correct? because i was presuming I could just use the hoses that are...
  4. H

    vz maloo performance advice

    Hey guys, I'm about to dive into the performance side of things but im an electrician and don't know much in the way of performance. I live in Darwin and the choice of workshops isn't huge so I'm trying to get more advice, the more the better right? My car is a vz maloo ls2 manual, I...
  5. C

    installed harrop charger, some tips on a few things please?

    Hey guys, so update on my car, ive just recently installed a harrop hh112 top mount supercharger kit to my 06 vz ss l76.. ####ed the lifters and bent a push rod first install coz i didnt know you had to remove the dod lifters lol.. so off came the heads and charger and replaced all push rods...
  6. D

    [NSW] [SYD] FS - 2004 VZ Calais LS1 HBD

    Up for sale is the first of my two cars. Reason for sale is that I no longer use it, and could do with the cash to pay debts instead. This car has had most aspects of it modified except for the engine/gearbox/exhaust. It also has a fairly higher end "SQ" based stereo installed in it, but...
  7. J

    [LS1] need help on rear bushes and harrop diff cover

    VY SS, Trying to reduce axle tramp so I bought the harrop sports diff cover/mount and going to buy polyurathane bushes for the rear cross member. I've searched through countless threads and done the research, almost ready to give it a shot installing them. Question is, where do I get a rear...