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  1. Brayden3223

    Ve to vz wheel tire size

    Hey so I’ve got a set of 19” ve ssv wheels for my vz, I was wondering what the correct tire size is for them as they rub against the strut with the current tires on them now, and if any of you guys could recommend any decent tire brands that’d be great! Cheers
  2. T_kayal

    Help please, V6 Calais Exhaust cutouts

    Alright so I would love and appreciate some help with what I want to do, I want to make my VE Calais loud as possible, but keep the stock system present at the same time. So I’ve come to the conclusion of cutout valves. ((Please refer to the attached picture, what I need to know is circled in...
  3. Swapitifyoucan

    Ute vs sedan brakes?

    recently swapped svz front brakes&rotors onto a sedan and after bleeding peddle goes nearly all the way to the floor. They do work but not untill the pedal is just off the fire wall. No brake light illuminated when applyed. Was wondering if master cylinder is the same size or not.
  4. S

    Wheel Sizes for my 2002 VU II s pack simmons

    Hi there, i've been driving around with crappy ssw 19'' 8.5 wheels on my vu ute s for a couple months now and i'm looking for an upgrade, i've been looking into satin black simmons fr19 wheels on ebay (new) 19'' with 8.5 front and 9.5 back. I'm unsure if they will fit. what tires and offset...
  5. S

    Dimensions of VS stereo/headunit

    Hey, I know headunits come in single din and double din sizes but apparently the depths vary? If that's true, how deep is the cavity for the headunit on a VS? I live rural and don't want to find out half-way through that the unit I bought isn't going to fit
  6. Mattde

    Wheel-y stupid question.

    Ok so question time. I bought some new 17" rims with tyres second hand last night. Got them home and compared them to the Two matching ones i already had (was trying to find a full set) Now my problem is, i know for a fact that the two already have fit. but when i compared the old and new...
  7. H

    VN Wagon Speaker Size

    Hey, I'm just completing my sound system now, got the subs, amp, wiring kit etc... just up to buying some speakers, Now i know the front dash speakers in a vn wagon are 4" i believe, Anyone know what the rear speaker size is? I cant be bothered taking the carpet off the sides just to measure it...
  8. RED-SV6

    VZ with VE SS Rims what is the best size Tyre

    Hey Guys Just a quick one, Just purchased a set of VE SS rims with tyres 245/45/18 Had the centre bored and then put onto my VZ SV6 Rubber started rubbing agaisnt the Struts on the Front What size should i have the front Tyres.? Anyone done it already successfully.?
  9. D

    VH Commodore Auto Transmission Mount bolt sizes

    Hi all, does anyone have the bolt sizes including diameter, length, and thread size for the following: Transmission crossmember to chassis Transmission mount to crossmember I have foolishly lost them!! Thanks in advance.