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  1. D

    vr V8 Commodore wont start

    i have a holden commodore VR V8 Auto... it cranks but wont start i have replace the spark plugs, the leads, its got a whole new dizzy and is in line with no1 TDC, the ignigtion coil, the ignition module, new battery, new fuel injectors, and the fule tank has been emptyied and cleaned, new fuel...
  2. B

    5l alternator working, nek minute not

    been reading other posts but people dont seem to post how they fixed things, neway, had my ute sitting in the shed idleing, my alternator works fine for a bit putting out low to mid 14, then it drops down to 11's, without moving the ute, checked and cleaned all connections, replaced fusible link...
  3. C

    Vr V8 into Vn NOT STARTING :( :(

    Hey ! For the last week me and my mechanic have been rattling our brains out to why my car is not starting.. ANY HELP will taken with open arms haha SO I brought a Vr v8 ( supposedly a Vr clubsport engine ) and manual and have placed the Vr V8 into my Vn which was previously a V8 and also...
  4. 5

    V8 statesman VR with error codes 41 & 42 how to fix ??

    My VR StatesMan 5.0 is not getting spark to plugs , the other night whilst driving I felt the engine murmur from weak spark , a few minutes later it stopped dead, and could not be started.:rip: Had to hire a car trailer , and after spending four hours rooting around with planks & bricks by...