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  1. Trissos96

    Draining the fuel

    Hey guys, I’ve got a 1999 VS commodore Ute. And have recently learnt from the auto sparky that my fuel gauge sender is buggered. So at the moment I have no way to tell how much fuels in the old girl. And I know I have to have little fuel so I can remove the sender. My question is. Is there an...
  2. Classybogan2002

    [Ecotec] Exhausts

    Picked up a set of redback extractors originally from a vx v6 was just wondering if they'd fit up to my Vs v6, same engine so I thought yeah now worries then realised the two redback models are bent differently so not too sure now
  3. J

    Chaning boot lids

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has changed boot key barrel before, if so how much work is envolved!? I want to change my boot with a spac one to have the little lip spolier.
  4. R

    98 vs ute

    hey guys im brad from adelaide australia had my ute for a while now and im pretty stoked with it for a first car. Make: Holden Model: Vs Ute Colour: raven mica Year: 1998 Engine: 3.8 V6 Ecotec Auto/Man: manual Suspension: Front - just lows all round with pedders shockas Wheels: 17 vt...
  5. lifel355

    Electric Windows

    Is there a secret trick to getting the ball into the slider? The regulator arm has disconnected itself. The pictures will be able to show you what I mean rather than me try explain it. The ball on the arm has to go inside this hole. This is the ball on the arm, it's just sitting inside the...
  6. lifel355

    Gear Box Oil Thickener

    I always come on this site for all my problems, but today I actually made an account. So greetings commodore lovers :) My gearbox whines, so I had a look under neath the car and there is too places you can top of the oil on the gear box. One is closer to the front of the car, and the other is...
  7. S

    My first car (96 Vs exec)

    deleted thread.