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Drivers Door not locking with Remote 98 VT.


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Sep 18, 2011
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Palmy, New zealand
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VS Executive
Hey All. brought a VT V6 couple weeks back. Drivers door lock does not work with remote, but does work putting key in barrel and turning it. all other doors work fine with remote.

anyway I took the door card off and up inside behind the key barrel there are three wires which have come free of there plug with the pins still attached. the plug is a slim black one. i don't know which way they go back in. the wiring the plug runs into goes to actuator as well. I'm wondering if these wires have something to do with my drivers door lock not working. I know 2 of the wires are brown. cant remember others and door card is now back on.

I also took actuator out and give it a wipe , bit of WD40 and cleaned plugs with contact cleaner. Still a no go.

I had a play round with a test light and couldn't find any power to actuator while pressing LOCK on remote. but then again a test light isn't very reliable.

Any help would be appreciated and any diagrams etc.