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How Easy is it disconnect phone line from Head Unit?



Hey Guys,

Ive done a search to see if this has already been asked but cant seem to notice it anywhere. My car is a VX Series 2 Commodore...with the standard Eurovox Head Unit.

Recently (and yes stupidly) the hands free mount was cut from the passenger side of my console. This was as the handsfree kit was wired for an old nokia and i have no need for it and wanted to 'clean up' the look of my car.

On doing this however my stereo now no longer works, as it comes up with the error 'TEL'. I have read both the owners manual and stereo manual and it informs me that if a phone line is connected that it automatically MUTES my stereo if phone mute line is in place.

How do you go about removing this error?? Is there a way to overide the headunit(Standard) into ignoring that the phone line is attached or do u have to remove it from the back of the head unit...if so how hard is this to do and what is the correct procedure?

Thanks heaps for your help guys.