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Improved Rotors.......?


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Jul 28, 2006
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VT Berlina & mazda 2 DE

Best stay away from drilled rotors- they have a history of cracking

I think slotted are the way to go if you can afford it

I head great stuff about EBC greenstuff pads. Keen to try them formyself next change which will be as soon as I can get around to it

As far as the rotors themselves- if you are hard on the brakes with average pads (like me) you will probably warp the rotors. Apparently DBA in particular are a better material, and with the kangaroo paw construction help to dissipate heat well. RDA I believe are good also, but I really don't know how they compare to DBA.

I'm considering just going the non slotted or drilled rotors RDA on the front with greenstuff all round. Should reduce temps and warping dramatically

And its not hard to do- however, if you are not confident, or mechanically minded, brakes are the most important component of the car, bar none. Pay for someone to do it- its not lazy. Just cautious