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/// The Stig's 2005 E60 M5 'Magnum Opus'


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Jan 19, 2008
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Melbourne's South East
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I suppose I should have got around to posting this a lot earlier. Back in March of 2019 the replacement throttle actuators arrived and were fitted the next day.

The job took about 3 to 4 hours and also required the replacement of 1 of the 10 worm drive hose clamps that secure the intake plenums to the throttles and one of the rubber boots that facilitate the seal of the aforementioned joints.

All in all it went fairly smoothly and total cost was around AU$940.00. The hardest bit was definitely getting at the worm drive hose clamps under the intake plenums. Two screwdrivers were of help here, a 60cm long medium flatblade and a 30cm flexible unit.

New actuators:

Offending part(s):

Removal of various parts including intake plenums reveal the two banks of individual throttle bodies:

The actuators are situated deep between the V:

You can see in the last image above, it is a bit fiddly to get to the actuators themselves, they are under a bunch of hosing and wiring loom runs that do not need to be fully detached, but moved aside. The image below (not my engine) gives some idea of their actual location. The biggest risk was dropping bolts and/or nuts into places from which they would never be retrieved without many more hours of stuffing about. Fortunately enough care was taken and this did not happen.

The car was back on the road within a week or so of the failure, most of which was waiting for the arrival of parts from the UK. If such an event had taken place these days, it would have been a much longer wait. That said, really, there is no immediate call for the use of any car in the current sociopolitical climate, period.

As always...

Peace Out or F*ck Off!
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