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Trouble codes keep coming back


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Nov 12, 2009
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VP Calais V6
Was not sure where else to post this and it is quite the dilemma!

So here are the 3 trouble codes P0443 P0141 P0135

P0141 O2 Sensor bank 1
P0135 02 Sensor bank 2
P0433 Evaporative emissions system purge control valve circuit.

There is a bit of a sad story behind this.

A friend owns an XC Barina and her heater wasn't working. I offered to check her fuses, they were all good. There were some empty slots which I assumed were for higher spec models, though she said the mechanic was playing with it recently and on a one in a million chance, I tried moving one of her fuses at random (not knowing what was what) and of course I chose the wrong fuse it seems. I used the fuse labelled (only found out what it was after) "Power control module". I suspect that is what is causing the trouble code, but I have erased them twice now and they keep coming back. Any thoughts? The fuse looks fine and I swapped it to top it off. I am losing my head a bit.

Removing a computer related fuse while the car has ignition will set off codes, I get this. Though once it sees it is getting power and the old ones in the memory have been removed, I don't get why it still sees an issue. Can removing a fuse cause damage? I would't have thought so!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!