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Vs Commodore stalling when I put into reverse or drive

Robbie Waters

New Member
May 31, 2019
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South Australia
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Vs Commodore
pretty new to this group but here goes. I have a 1996 vs Commodore, bought it about 6 months ago. Since then I’ve had a billion issues with it and have spent a truck load of money fixing it. So far I’ve replaced a list of things.

9mm leads

plugs “Bosch platinum iridium”

air filter

fuel pump

IAC valve

Throttle body

starter motor

fuel filter

Mace engineering water pump

inlet manifold gaskets

2/12 exhaust + pacemaker extractors


diff oil

front brake pads

Plenum spacer

82c thermostat

Re built power steering pump

Steering Rack

Fuel tank (second hand) last one was caked with rust due to it being on gas

Transmission (second hand) 126xxks Also freshly serviced

Mace engineering performance chip

Vy injectors

Coil pack & dfi module

After all of the bull***t I’m still haveing issues.

Car stalls or almost stalls when I put it into drive or reverse and let’s say I decide to put my foot down around a corner and the car was to slide a little it decides to die aswell. Only making a right turn not a lefty.
I’ve changed the whole fuel tank and fuel pump. And yes the return line is connected, that was another reason why I changed fuel tanks over, the last one completly crumbled away.

Someone anyone please help me!!