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VY abnormal knocking noise

Discussion in 'VY Holden Commodore (2002 - 2004)' started by Matt76, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. Matt76

    Matt76 Guest

    I have just puchased a 03 VY S2 Exec V6 Auto only 20000kms, have noticed an abnormal noise when slowing down from about 70-50 km/h. It is not always noticable.I could best describe as a faint knocking sound. One holden dealer told me they could not hear it and RAC noticed problem but could not determine cause. Any ideas or similar problems out there, so I have some info before I take it back to Holden???
  2. PHAT

    PHAT Guest

    I had same noise for over 16mths.After 8 attempts ie,new diff,overhaul half shafts,invert shafts,new shafts etc,problem solved by hard chrome to splines in diff and flanges. All done UNDER WARRENTY by Holden Dealer in Adelaide.Only down side is vibration in drivetrain between 50/60kph.Good luck. Also my car uses about 2 litres oil per 10000k.
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  3. Matt76

    Matt76 Guest

    Hey Phat, are you saying the problem is now completely gone??? Can you please clarify what it was that fixed the problem. Maybe if I know that i can hopefully get it solved quicker than 16mths!! Thanks
  4. PHAT

    PHAT Guest

    Matt76.Hi, contact Gilbert Holden,Mount Barker S.A. They have the fix. Best of luck.
  5. Matt76

    Matt76 Guest

    After 4 trips to Holden this problem has now been rectified! This is a recognised fault on VY/Ws (non LSD)till Sept 04.There is a Holden Service Techline on this issue. Fault described as "Cyclic knocking noise which may occur when coasting in speed range 70-40km/hr" it is caused by excessive axial float of the inner axle shafts within the differential.
  6. cmelb

    cmelb Guest

    I have the same problem, I called Holden on 1800 033 349 and my Holden Service Centre down here in Melbourne and no one has heard of this problem.

    I have my car booked in this week with my Holden Service Centre and I wonder if they are going to try and get out of fixing this problem even though my car is still under warranty and give me a whole lot of bull :b: that its something else.

    If anyone has any further information they can supply regarding this problem, please post away as I've had far to many problems with my VY 2003, and I even had a case file opened up by Holden regarding all the problems that I had with my car.
  7. Crackerz

    Crackerz New Member

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    Sep 4, 2005
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    VE SS Commodore
    Hi - Just thought I would let you know that I when i picked up my BRAND NEW VY S II last July that it came straight from the factory floor with the knocking noise and I have a LSD fitted. Of course when I took it back to Holden they "tightened everything" (a favourite saying of theirs) but alas it was still doing it. In the end they replaced the LSD with another brand new one but I have a feeling that this one is now starting to do the same thing. :supersad:

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