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2006 Holden SSV

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  • garage_vehicle-3655-14772862621.jpg garage_vehicle-3655-14777220802.jpg
    garage_vehicle-3655-14777220843.jpg garage_vehicle-3655-14777220864.jpg
    garage_vehicle-3655-14777220895.jpg IMG_20181111_080630[1].jpg Slowly creeping up
    Drivers Monsoon.jpg Passenger Monsoon.jpg New Slimline Monsoons
    IMG_20170812_131349.jpg Wiring.jpg Bi-Modal Controller
    VF2Mufflers.jpg Bi-Modal Mufflers BaillieTips.jpg Baillie Tips
    garage_vehicle-3655-14777220781.jpg Original Airbox IMG_20181005_173855.jpg Newest Addition to the Lady
    Now not to be installed 2016 VF GTS Exhaust wasted my $$ as is exact same setup as my factory exhaust
    Gonna go with XForce 7 series 2.5inch Unpolished 409 S/S now and mate them up with my Bi-modals
    PH-5387-1-specs.jpg Thinking about these later on next year
    2006 Holden SSV
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  1. monstar
    OK. What is it?
    1. rucxy
      It is a Electronic Bi-modal controller for the 2015 VF SSV mufflers i have purchsed to go on my old girl.
      Complete with the OEM plugs to fit the valve body.
      So i can have open or closed flaps.
      rucxy, Aug 12, 2017
      monstar likes this.
    2. monstar
      Wow [subscribed] nice find! Really keen to hear how that sounds on our car, good one.
      monstar, Aug 12, 2017