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2006 Holden SSV

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  • garage_vehicle-3655-14772862621.jpg garage_vehicle-3655-14777220802.jpg
    garage_vehicle-3655-14777220843.jpg garage_vehicle-3655-14777220864.jpg
    garage_vehicle-3655-14777220895.jpg IMG_20181111_080630[1].jpg Slowly creeping up
    Drivers Monsoon.jpg Passenger Monsoon.jpg New Slimline Monsoons
    IMG_20170812_131349.jpg Wiring.jpg Bi-Modal Controller
    VF2Mufflers.jpg Bi-Modal Mufflers BaillieTips.jpg Baillie Tips
    garage_vehicle-3655-14777220781.jpg Original Airbox IMG_20181005_173855.jpg Newest Addition to the Lady
    Now not to be installed 2016 VF GTS Exhaust wasted my $$ as is exact same setup as my factory exhaust
    Gonna go with XForce 7 series 2.5inch Unpolished 409 S/S now and mate them up with my Bi-modals

    Sunday 31st March 2019 - Mission on
    Old Exhaust.jpg Out with the Old..
    R8 headers_1.jpg R8 Headers_2.jpg
    In with the R8 VFII 340Kw headers & Cats
    XForce 2.5" system.. 4" Tips
    Xforce1.jpg Xforce2.jpg
    Xforce3.jpg Xforce-Stubbie-Holder.jpg
    Holds a stubbie of Steinlager Classic just nice :)

    2006 Holden SSV
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  1. rucxy
    Have since then installed my Xforce 7 series 2.5" unpolished catback. Sounds good to me, hopefully it will deepen in tone as it soots up.
    Flashed in an Oztrack tune and logging for improvements and fine tuning. All I can say really, is that she is a completely different beast to drive now and how she should have been from birth.
  2. VS_Pete
  3. monstar
    OK. What is it?
    1. rucxy
      It is a Electronic Bi-modal controller for the 2015 VF SSV mufflers i have purchsed to go on my old girl.
      Complete with the OEM plugs to fit the valve body.
      So i can have open or closed flaps.
      rucxy, Aug 12, 2017
      monstar likes this.
    2. monstar
      Wow [subscribed] nice find! Really keen to hear how that sounds on our car, good one.
      monstar, Aug 12, 2017