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My VX Commodore

  • I bought this Car in 2015 when i was on my L's. It is an 2002 VX s2 Commodore executive auto.
    This is what it Looked like when i first bought it
    Lemmy 3.jpg

    In 2017 A friend of mine had an accident in a 2000 VX berlina wagon. Which i then bought from and Stripped of its interior and swapped its rims into my car. The headlights were trash so i bought some ss headlights.
    20664803_338990939861109_963081445918143055_n.jpg 20768253_338991079861095_6389988781445391460_n.jpg
    Before interior swap

    At the end of 2017 a Friend sent me an add for free VT/VX parts on facebook. So i investigated and ended up with full VT SS interior, Monaro bar and Monaro headlights, rear doors and more. however do not have access to the pictures of that stuff at this time. have sent the bar to be painted and finally put it on about about a week ago. here are the results. i also put back my original dash back in and mixed the VT SS interior with VX s2 door cards. once i have %100 finished will post pictures of it. As i am missing a few pieces.
    Lemmy 1.jpg IMG_0424[1].jpg

    Future Plans for this Car
    Debadge Bonnet
    Rear spoiler
    VT SS/S pack rear bar
    SS rims maybe VY SS, VX SS or maybe some VE SS rims not to sure what ever i can cheap
    Monaro Tail Lights
    Remove black side moldings
    Window Tints
    Cam and Extractors.
    And that's about it. Don't plan of lowering it or anything like that.
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  1. shueardm
    I like the Monaro ( VT shape ) lights better than the VX. VT lines are classic.
    1. Limagod66
      I prefer the VT Headlights over the VX ones also however i dislike the VT tail lights Greatly. VT's Look great would love an VT SS one day. il just have to swap the Tail Lights for VX ones.
      Limagod66, Jun 5, 2018
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  2. shueardm
    I remember being young and wanting to do everything. Just keep it all in perspective ok, it's a car that is never going to be valuable in $ terms.

    Now. please tell, are the fog lights active or just for show, ie are they wired and working, did you have to do mods to electrics?
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    1. Limagod66
      At the Moment the fog lights are for show however i will be wiring them up in the future. I have no clue if i have to mod the electrics or not but i'm gonna try and get a factory loom and switch just to try and keep it factory. As far money wise i'm going as cheap as possible the only reason i have a Monaro front end is it was very cheap. But i plan of keeping the car for a long time. As it is a good car.
      Limagod66, Jun 5, 2018
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