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The Predator [EX HighWay Patrol]

General Information

Sold my pride and joy my 1999 VT Calais and got this 2007 VE Commodore ex Highway Patrol...Fixing up some cosmetic things atm.

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looks great


Uploaded the front and rear photos i did take the light bar off as i don't need it and gave it back to the owner
@VS 5.0
Not sure i'm guessing Holden- High Performance Vehicle
Gonna get some more photos done of her this coming weekend once i repair the fiber glass front bumper respray the mags and polish her all up. #Keep Posted#
Uploaded a couple more images of the repair work done this weekend tomorrow final coat on the bumper and clear coat
**Update** Cleaned inside and out polished waxed and buffed gonna get some really nice photos done on the weekend before the Griffiths Biggest Lap on the 30th of Saturday | PS Added a new photo getting it all looking nice and mounted properly
**Update** Sorry for the no updates i have been extremely busy with life and everything else more updates hopefully coming soon
**Another Update** Some old **** tboned after the GBL Lap she had an attack or some **** now i'm on a crusade to fuckin' stop old people being on the road photos are found here also been busy asf to get this repaired it was close to be a write off the whole back end is out by 100mm -> https://imgur.com/a/JVpXx
**Another Another Update** Here is some photo link -> https://imgur.com/a/N8BgX of a couple months later car is getting fixed on the 8th of Jan after that i continue doing what i was doing making her into a beast

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