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centre console

  1. W

    2007 SS VE no power to centre console

    Hi, can any help. First time owning a commodore ss. I don’t seem to have any power to my radio, air-con, fans and hazard light. All fuses seem ok? Any suggestions please
  2. PaulVZWagon

    VE Ute centre console rear removal

    Hi, Maybe I have missed it somewhere, but how do I remove the back of the centre console in a VE Ute. I mean the upright bit behind the lid. I have found the two covers that clip off, and removed the visible screws (4 top, 3 bottom). I suspect the panel then just clips off, but I have tried...
  3. P

    Radio/Centre Console- sometimes not turning off

    Hi guys, I have a VE commodore (07) and having some issue with my centre console/radio playing up and sometimes leaves me with a dead battery. People have told me it’s a common problem with VE’s and mostly a door actuator problem, which led me to fit a genuine door lock actuator from Holden but...
  4. R

    Painting dash and Fascia

    what are the steps to paint these? cheers
  5. J

    [QLD] WTB: VS sedan interior parts/panels and left headlight

    ITEM: Numerous VS Sedan parts LOCATION: Mackay, QLD CONDITION: New or Used, preferably in decent condition PRICE: No idea what they're worth, I'd say around $30 for the headlight and then there's numerous interior parts, $150 for all the interior, but if I'm way off the mark let me know...
  6. B

    Reverse Wire for Head Unit

    Hey guys, Anyone know of a +12v Reverse wire near to the Centre Console (preferably fairly accessible) I can use while wiring up my head unit for a Reversing Camera? Preferably pics or a wire colour would be helpful. Cheers, Beefy 2001 VX Berlina V6 Auto Sedan
  7. 5

    Installing WM Head Unit in VE

    Hi, Just want to know if anybody has managed to install a WM headunit in a standard VE. Got the unit of eBay, visited holden to get the required plastic surround. Havn't got the unit yet due to paypal issues but have striped the centre console down anyway. By the looks of it I'm...
  8. Kierab

    Sound coming from under center console/

    got a 1996 VS, and there is a sort of hissing sound when i put my foot on the accelerator, really annoying me just hoping its not the gearbox or something any suggestions, stupid or anything. let me know becasue im sick of having to drive with music up loud to drown the hiss cheers =]