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  1. N

    Radiator fans always on high with AC. Never shuts off.

    So as I said in the title, both my radiator fans on my Commodore VXII SS are always on and on high speed when I turn on the AC. They only shut off a few seconds after I turn the AC off. I cannot use the AC like this, because the fans will definitely burn out, and the fans loom connector gets...
  2. R

    Transmission Problem

    Hello just seeking some general direction. My VX v6 auto transmission has began making its changes at about 2600 rpm. Obviously high. Driving in 60 k zone, I cant get out of second gear, or im speeding. Also have a high idle issue. Done a fault code test and it pointed to the throttle...
  3. T

    Where can i buy high compression pistons VR V6

    Im putting a stage 3 crow cam amoung other things in and it said it requires atleast 10:1 compression, i was thinking of getting 10.5:1 but cant seem to find high comp pistons for sale anywhere?
  4. speed__demond

    304 manifold change, high idle??

    okay so had a vac leak so I changed the manifold gaskets, car drives okay a little rough, but not too bad. ..but when in park or neutral it idles at about 1800, could this be from the manifold cleaner I sprayed out the tb with? or do I have another problem?? I was gunna see what it does...
  5. BigBoss

    High flow intake on a v6?

    Hey all, What do you think of the "high flow" air intakes? Holden Commodore VE K&N High Flow Air Filter V6 V8 HSV | eBay
  6. southaussie

    High idle after long drive

    Hi peeps, Took my baby for a drive to Renmark and on the way home I noticed that at 110kph I took my foot off the acc. and it was like I had cruise control. (which I don't) So I knocked it into neutral as I was free of traffic and the rpm was sitting at 2000-3000. I pulled over and after a...
  7. P

    low bcm to high bcm???? HELP

    wanting to install the remote boot release function in my VS. just wondering if this is a case of obtaining a high bcm + plus all the harnesses required for the bcm and then plug it all in appropriatley and have a working high bcm???? with of course the matched key head. i have a 97 vs...
  8. clarmatt

    [VIC] Whats the fine on P platers and high performance cars

    i am thinking about trading in my vy ute and getting a z series maloo. just curious what the fine is and is there any points to go along with it?? also the fine for driving a manual car with only an auto p's