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  1. L

    2000 VT Acclaim Sedan B&M ShiftPlus+ kit HELP!

    Hey guys, I bought one of these B&M ShiftPlus+ kits and I'm trying to find the relevant wires to tap into. I know there are other threads here but none of them actually state where and what wires I need to install this kit. any help would be very appreciated! Cheers Jordan
  2. B

    t700 rebuild kits?

    Hey all, I have a mate that works in a trans place and we are going to rebuild my trans at home, just curious if anyone has any experience in what kits are good and if I can get a "complete" package or do I have to buy extras on top etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a 4l60e as...
  3. speed__demond

    camber kit fitted $$?? melbourne se

    alright guys I have a vs statesman want it slammed of course :) but I was quoted 700 just for a rear camber kit installed, anyone know of somewhere a lot cheaper? im in Melbourne. Cranbourne way but I wouldent mind traveling a bit if it works out cheaper
  4. natesVZ

    Places to Buy Body Kits in Victoria?

    sup, I'm wondering if you guys know anywhere I can get a Calais kit for my VZ in Victoria? Websites or anything, so i can check stuff out? Thanks in advance!
  5. adam sv6

    Phone holders

    hey guys was looking at some phone holder/charger kits for the ol commodore, but most to me look cheap or just arnt practical... so i thought i would find out if other ve owners have good ideas or maybe want to share their own system. My current phone kit sytem: For the time being, I have...
  6. C

    VS SS Kit

    Quick (probably stupid) question... What are the differences between a standard VS Executive body kit and the SS? I know that the foglight bezels are different, but what about the measurements? The SS kit does look a bit more beefy than the standard. Thanks guys :)
  7. speed__demond

    stage 2 shift kit price?

    after a stage two shift kit and a corvete servo in my vr just wondering where anyone has gone for a good price and a good kitt apparently different brands are different.. also.. was it worth it?
  8. T

    Astra 88 Aero Body Kit

    Trying to hunt down a body kit for my 1988 SLX Astra. They were actually installed on the S2 models, but unfortunately mine wasn't one of them. Am trying to hunt down the Aero body kits that are available somewhere for the Astra. Anyone found any floating around the web?
  9. VesperZ

    Which amp wiring kit to use?

    Hi guys, I am at the stage of purchasing a wiring kit for my VZ Berlina. I am looking for a good quality 4 gauge 4 channel wiring kit. I am not necessarily looking for competition wiring, my budget sits between $100.00 and $150.00. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light into which...
  10. (CODEZ)

    How much for T5 conversion kit?

    hey guys i've been looking around pricing T5 conversion kits with everything needed included i want to convert my VP V6 Auto, i dont have the money or the know how yet, but i would just like to know for the future. how much much should i be paying for a FULL kit in good working order with...
  11. clarmatt

    how to remove rear and front bumpers

    hey, im about to buy a vx bodykit for my vs i was wondering how to take off the rear bumper and front bumper. also do the side skirts just go straight on or do i need to pull anything off. sorry if stupid questions, first car just got it last week :D
  12. LOKi_Crazy88

    VZ HSV Senator kit

    Hi peeps, I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a VZ HSV Senator full bodykit with the grill and 'fog' lights, I've been looking all over the net and can't seem to find anyone who makes them anywhere, dont need it painted or fitted, can do that myself, anyone have any suggestions...