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  1. J

    Recommended Tyres for 2014 VF SS Sedan

    Hey all, New to the world of commodores, as well as high powered vehicles (I bought VF SS with a few minor mods and a sports tune), and am nearing the point of requiring my first new set of tyres. I haven't got a fortune to spend, but I'm not stupid enough to go for re-treads, and I haven't got...
  2. S

    Angel eyes?

    I want angel eyes for my VZ wagon does anyone know where I can get some or has anyone tried using the kit from spectrum angel eyes? They are like $400 bucks so i want to know if they are worth it thanks. Also what are your opinions on those DRL headlights (the really popular ones)
  3. S

    Smoked Altezza Tail Lights or smoking stock?

    Can someone upload a photo of these on your car if you have them? I really want some idea of how these look Or should i just smoke the stock ones i have? I heard that they can look tacky?
  4. S

    Pics of aftermarket headlights and taillights

    Can you guys post some pics of your aftermarket headlights & taillights for any VZ but mostly Utes and Wagons for the taillights and give me your opinion and where to get them so there not cheap looking or tacky. Thanks :beer chug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd6_VRfizQc - Is it possible...
  5. Mattde

    Painting dash

    Hey all, just looking for some general opinions. I currently have an all grey VX interior: handles, vents etc. but iv seen a few write-ups on painting door handles/ dash parts. most ppl paint their's silver but i was wondering what everyone thought of doing some parts black? so this would...
  6. JAKE-26

    vs ute or vt exec WANT OPINIONS

    Hey guys. Im looking to buy my first car and have pretty much had my heart set on a vs ute. The other day the old man told me he was probably selling his vt and asked if i wanted it. I said no at first coz i think i want a manual, but have a seen a few done up vt's and they look pretty nice...